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Dear RC Goers,

ORCA is announcing that it has formed a New Holding Company. We are No Longer under Tianco Ltd.

Commencing Dec 15th 2018, the ORCA brand has a new home and all enquiries will be address to the new company, United Sino Enterprise Ltd.

ORCA has gone through a thorough revamp of its product line and will be introducing the following products below.

ORCA OE1 High end Competition Level ESC
ORCA Modtreme Competition Modified Motors 3.5-10.5T
ORCA Blitreme 2 Competition Stock Motors 13.5-25.5T
ORCA Infinite X Competition Range Lipo Batteries

Other great products will follow shortly and we are sure the new range of products surpasses the previous generation of product by a considerable margin.

We would also like to advice all potential distributors and customers that all enquiries must be from the Hong Kong head office either from Tianco Ltd if before Dec 15th 2018 and from United Sino from Dec 15th 2018. If you are contacted by any other party stating that they have ORCA products for sale, it will be deem as an infringement of the ORCA trade mark and may face legal consequences.

Current distributors, International Team drivers, Local Team Drivers will not be affected by the trade mark’s new ownership. All databases and sponsorships was taken over fully and wholly by United Sino Ltd during the transfer of tradmarks. Any further enquiries can be attention to info@orcarc.com


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